Mar 2

So, I’m in Palm Springs.

It is beyond beautiful here. And TED – is – well – difficult to describe.

If you’ve been to TEDxWaterloo – it is kind of like that… except like, on speed and crack and steroids and acai berry and wheatgrass and a whole lot of super zen like yoga. It is all of that… in 1.

I’ll specify that I am not here attending TED Active, although i wish i was – i’m here for work and feel very lucky to have been chosen to work the Hub we’ve got going on here in the exibitors space.

It’s been 1 day and i’ve already met a ton of incredible people. INCLUDING RICKI LAKE!

So sad to be missing TEDx tomorrow though – it’s tragic that I can’t clone myself – I’ll be looking for you fine folks to keep the #TEDxWATERLOO hashtag busy.

Here’s a pic of what i’m looking at right now to make you EVEN more jealous of me:

California is the best. I’m totally meant to live here.


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2 Responses to “Palm Springs for TED Active”

  1. hugh jeego says:

    you’re not meant to live in cali – you’re above all that superficial silliness.

  2. meh says:

    new york not LA. NEW YORK.

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