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Nov 26

I will start this blog post by telling you that I have re-written this intro paragraph 6 times now. This topic is VERY interesting to me, and I want it to be interesting to you too – so I am totally over-thinking my delivery.

Here’s what I want to talk about, Being Busy.

Although I am a daily culprit of this – I cannot stand it when my own response to “Hey! How’s it going? ” is “Good, Busy.”

I literally say it everyday. And EVERY TIME it comes out of my mouth I regret it.

EVERYONE IS BUSY. This is not a unique statement, and NO ONE CARES IF YOU ARE BUSY! What? Am I trying to validate what I do all day? Trying to convince the asker that I’m busier than they are? It’s such a gross thing to say – and I want to stop using it. Today. Right now.

So, what brought this so acutely to my attention?

In my job, I get to meet a lot of really great people. Lately, I’ve been working closely with the cats at Nexus – a community based church that meets at the Walper on Sunday mornings, for music, prayer and discussion. Their congregation has chosen to move from their larger affiliate church in the suburbs to downtown Kitchener, and they want to actively get involved in the Downtown Community. I think this is really amazing, and so, I’ve been meeting with a few of their leaders and community members to brainstorm ideas different ways for them to get involved.

I also attended this past Sunday’s service, and had a little Q&A with their Pastor, Brad Watson. I was there as a guest, and a listener to the service. Which started off with people grabbing coffees and  Kevin Ramessar and Dave Thompson playing Mumford & Sons… so, that should give you an idea of the vibe in the room – kind of electric.

Here I’ll point out, that I am not a religious person – striving to be more spiritual, Yes… but not religious. I was raised in a Jewish household, and still participate in some of those traditions. I don’t consider myself tied to any religion, and I am not sure if I believe in God or a Higher Being… but I’m open to other people’s opinions on the subject.

On Sunday, Brad spoke on the broader concept of “Seeing God in the Everyday” but I was really intrigued by his thoughts on our society’s pace (breakneck, with no room for contemplation or reflection), what we value as being important (money, status) and what we strive for. There is such little value placed on meditation, reflection and quiet thoughtfulness – that it basically doesn’t exist in an average person’s life.

His sermon went on – but my brain wouldn’t stop cycling around the idea of how to bring more time for reflection into the average 20/30 something’s life. We’re caught up in our careers, our relationships, starting families, facebook, the excessive amount of media that is hurled in our directions every minute… that flashing red light on your smartphone… there’s pretty much something to keep us busy every minute, of every day, of every month. We think it will slow down next week, next month, over the holidays— but it will only slow down if we choose that, in our own habits.

In my own life, I thought it might be easier to take time to reflect if I had some type of prompt/reminder to take time out. I know… it’s ironic. But maybe if I can make a new habit – every night or morning ask myself 1 question that will invite reflection – I could add in more time for thinking.

So, I messaged Brad, what did he think were good thought-starters?

His response makes a lot of sense:

 I think these practices are a lost art because of pragmatism, needing to always be efficient, always looking to make our time do more for us, but is it possible, we become less efficient in life by not taking the time for prayer and reflection? (by that I mean we can end up doing a whole lot and being busy, but being busy doing nothing of worth)

There are a number of practices we at Nexus participate in to help with this…they are called the ‘prayer of examen’ and ‘rule of life.’

For prayer of examen, it is an easy exercise. Ask yourself this before bed, “where did I see God in my life most today…when was I most aware of God’s presence, when was I most in line with God’s character?” And then, “where was I not?” Then simply acknowledge that the next day you are going to try to live more in the former than in the latter.

Now here’s where I think it gets really interesting….

For those who are unsure what they think of God, I recommend this instead, “where did I feel most alive today? What was the most meaningful thing I did today? What were the things I did today that seemed of real value?” And then, “what were the things that didn’t make me feel alive, meaningful or of any value?” Then acknowledge that you want to live more in the former than the later on the following day. 

WOW. Can you imagine spending an hour, or even a few designated minutes, 20?,  thinking about this at the end of every day!?!?! Imagine how much more evolved we could become as human beings! Imagine how much better we would treat each other, the planet, ourselves… if only we had to look back every day and think about what we did and why.


Alright. 30 day challenge starting today. Spend 20 minutes every night before bed thinking about the questions above.

I’ll report back on my findings.



Sep 20

WOW. So i am still in recovery mode from last week’s travel and this past couple days “chick’s weekend” in Port Colbourne.

On Saturday we had a hat competition… mine won. it was awkward and awesome.

Real post coming your way later on -

stay tuned.


Sep 01

This is my new favourite blog, and it’s not just because I make a guest appearance today!

Em-Oh-Em is written by P’s Sister-in-Law, Emily and it is awesome!

Here she is with “The Bud” aka “C-Mo”… At the moment he calls me Aunt Harvey – which I think is pretty much THE BEST NICKNAME EVER – and supports my claim that as a kid NO ONE could say my name right, and it often came out HELLERY. And then Alana saw this on

And the handle ANGRYCELERY was born. Stop asking.

Alright, now that I have successfully made this blogpost about ME…..

EM-OH-EM is about Recipes, Books and weird things that help Emily manage her entertaining OCD habits.

Plus, she’s funny.

And she posts most weekdays – which feeds MY internet OCD habits.

And she’s getting a camera very soon – so it’s about to get EVEN better.

I highly recommend it. And the onion ring recipe. FUCKING. DELICIOUS.



Aug 29

After a glorious weekend with friends and family, it’s Monday.

And … BUSHWACKER LIPSMACKER! YAY! See some of you at 5 at Chainsaw!

In other food news… i have a GIANT bone to pick with Burrito Boyz – and i’m going to air it here… passive aggressively.

Ok… so it’s Saturday night.

It’s been a lovely nite out and about town … housewarming at the adorable lovenest of D & B and then out for a berry mojito at Bauer… it’s 1ish… and P, Alana and I head to get a late night delicious burrito.

So we go – and Alana is like, awestruck by the topping heaven that is Burrito Boys. I order a small steak on white… and I am assigned the number 44.

i patiently wait my turn behind 3 VERY drunk female froshs who are telling the maker of their burritos how much they love her. “YOU’RE THE BEST. HIGHFIVE!” So then, I order up my toppings… which are very minimal, because i seriously think i’m a super-taster or something and I pretty much hate sauces. i like flavourful things – don’t get me wrong here. But 9/10 I’d just like to eat pasta with butter, or a hamburger with a bit of mustard. I don’t know how i got this way… but i like it.

So, i get my burrito with rice, cheese, sour cream and steak. boring? maybe. Deal with it.

So my burrito is grilling away beside P and Alana’s fully dressed burritos (number 1 and number 43)… and this ridiuclously drunk, tobacco chewing idiot behind us… who also got a “works” burrito with spicy salsa. I’m sure you can see where this is going…. his number is #4.

So… one burrito comes up… it gets wrapped up and the dude behind the counter either says 4 or 44… the drunk tobacco chewer instantly grabs it and heads for the door… Alana, being the best friend ever yells at the guy to check if that’s actually his burrito and he drunkenly pulls out his crumbled receipt, and spits some disgustingness into the water bottle he’s carrying… we’re pretty much grossed out enough to not even WANT burritos anymore… but I ask the dude grilling these puppies up “which number was that?” and he says #4. BUT….


But of course, i don’t find this out til we get home.


Late night snack fail.

Anyways, there are two lessons to this story:

1. Burrito Boyz : You need a better system for getting people THEIR Burritos. I mean, i get home and open my deliciously plain, custom made snack and it’s a fucking fully dressed spice nightmare!!!!!!!!!! AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!  WTF!?!?


2. If you are a patron at Burrito Boys, and I encourage you to go, because it is ridiculously good – watch the path of your burrito carefully – and don’t let it out of your sight! Demand your personalized burrito!

ok. that’s it. sigh…

i just needed to tell someone and get that off my chest.


ps. total # of times i say burrito in this post = 18

ps. yeah, in case you were wondering i went to bed starving and cried myself to sleep… i may never get over it. And yes, i am glaringly aware this is BEYOND a firstworldproblem. More meaningful posts to follow, as soon as I recover.

Aug 26

Last night, P and I were generously invited to check out the pre-opening event at The Jazz Room in Uptown! If you don’t know about The Jazz Room … go here to check it out. And become a member.

We met up with these kids, and walked uptown.

The actual home of the Jazz Room is the old strip club inside of The Huether Hotel.  And that old history of women taking their clothes off gives the room a wicked old underground lair type vibe, which is very cool.

Throughout the night different musicians got on stage to give the audience a feel for what will be coming their way after opening night on Septemeber 9th. Oh look! It’s Jason White on a VERY cool old piano.

Makebright was there too!

His post is WAY better than this one (he actually pays attention when taking photos)  so you might want to go over and read that next.

After a few bevvy’s here – P and I headed across King St to Chainsaw to check out the Burlesque vs. Punk show – featuring The Girly Show and The Jinks!

I took a lot of crappy photos… because it was packed and I didn’t want to be in anyone’s way!

Here’s an ok one. YES – that IS a girl with sparklers on her private parts. amazing.

Look  at @whitingdesign! SO BADASS. I love it. So happy we went to go check it out. Also… $10 pitchers of Sleeman’s Chainsaw Lager… ughboy – risky on a thursday.

Then we walked back to the car – and the streets were blocked off and deserted because of Buskers and I took these 2 cool shots:

And then because I’m a firstborn I whined that there were no pictures of me.

Such a great Thursday night. Ok Waterloo, i guess Kitchener  doesn’t have to separate from you after all. Close one.



PS. Remember that storm on Wed?!?! WEIRD!

(These Pics by P)
May 04

So… i don’t want to like, make you feel bad or anything – but my life is fucking awesome.
In NYC for the 99% conference and have checked in to the Ace Hotel.
This place is genius.

It’s at West 29th and Broadway and the window is open, sound of the honking and the walkers down below.
Hotel also boasts a sweet coffee bar, open lobby with a DJ spinning tonight from 8pm-2am and a restaurant and bar where all hipsters die and go to heaven.

Here’s a pic of the lobby stairwell.

How jealous are you?

PS. Most rooms come complete with acoustic guitars and turntables. hahahaha.

PPS. Think Waterloo Region could support this kind of awesome? I’d be a huge advocate if someone had the balls to try it.

Mar 02

So, I’m in Palm Springs.

It is beyond beautiful here. And TED – is – well – difficult to describe.

If you’ve been to TEDxWaterloo – it is kind of like that… except like, on speed and crack and steroids and acai berry and wheatgrass and a whole lot of super zen like yoga. It is all of that… in 1.

I’ll specify that I am not here attending TED Active, although i wish i was – i’m here for work and feel very lucky to have been chosen to work the Hub we’ve got going on here in the exibitors space.

It’s been 1 day and i’ve already met a ton of incredible people. INCLUDING RICKI LAKE!

So sad to be missing TEDx tomorrow though – it’s tragic that I can’t clone myself – I’ll be looking for you fine folks to keep the #TEDxWATERLOO hashtag busy.

Here’s a pic of what i’m looking at right now to make you EVEN more jealous of me:

California is the best. I’m totally meant to live here.


Feb 23

Today was the reception for the 40 under 40 feature in the Waterloo Region Record.

Really fun to see friends get recognized, embarrassing but fun to hear your name over the microphone and always lovely to get a free lunch ;) hahahaa.

LOVE making new friends too – who doesn’t :)

Here’s some gems:

(Ramy, Brock and I were Honourees… FANCY. and we’re obviously not degenerates, at all….)

(Awww, group shot. Thanks for keeping me sane, friends!)

I’ll link through to the Record online version tomorrow – but if you’re at William’s getting coffee tomorrow, feel free to sneak a peek at my pic… It features the Graffiti Group Painting from Steel Rails!!

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the WR Record Video!


Jan 20

WOW. I got some awesome good press today in Echo Weekly from the lovely Mandyland!

I met Mandy years and years ago, but finally reconnected last week, Thanks to Mr. Kevin Hansen :)

Here’s her extremely flattering article in Echo:

“I looked up Hilary Abel in the Mandyland Dictionary and this is what I found: Hilary Abel (noun); eminent magazine maker, cultural spark plug, networking goddess, all around kickass chick.
I met Hilary back in 2008 when I discovered Qatalyst: her first magazine. Created in June 2007 as a young, modern voice in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph Region, Qatalyst focused on environmental, political and social issues, the local music & arts scene, and full monthly event listings. It was a hit among the forward thinkers in our region, but funding a free magazine proved difficult. 18 fabulous issues later, Qatalyst completed its chapter and Hilary re-entered the ‘real’ world, as they say.
Working at RIM during the day while blogging and event hopping in the evening and weekends, Hilary’s creative juices began to flow yet again. As chance would have it, she met an amazing woman whose leadership abilities ignited her own, and soon enough, Hilary realized that she could use this knowledge and became an expert on her beloved K/W.
The result: RQ Magazine; an online spot to keep young people in K/W up to date on events and issues that matter to them; one post at a time. It’s also a place for people to share their opinions on local issues and it certainly wouldn’t be complete without this blogging beauty’s right to vent. 2 years and over 750 posts strong, RQ Online Magazine is also used as a platform to host events and fundraisers, with the goal of bringing people together in the real world; not just online. ”

There’s also a podcast along similar lines that will be going up today – i’ll update when I listen to it and make sure i don’t sound like a completely idiot. hahahahaa.

Thanks again Mandy, You rule.


Dec 22

So, i’ve been going through a bit of  a quiet period. Been giving myself some time to think – crazy, i know!

I guess I’ve been wanting to hibernate – the weather and the snow and too much working!

But, had a great Creative Enterprises Enabling Org board meeting today – and am feeling energized! Yah 2010! You ruled!

I think there’s going to be some serious awesome happening in 2011. All kinds of awesome too – not just of the kw variety.

But, there are still 9.5 days of this year – tell me what YOUR plans are!


Nov 15

Ok, so it’s only Monday, but you’ve got to plan on getting some sleep during the week friends, here’s what’s going on Nov 18 – 21:


WFAC!!!!!!!!!!! Opening night of the Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema! WFAC is in it’s 10th year and hosts filmmakers from all over the world! It is a one-of-a-kind event, you’ve gotta check it out. The festival runs all weekend! Checkitout!


The Art of Yoga at KW|AG with Queen Street Yoga! I was at the first session of this and it was AWESOME! It’s a 2 hour class that walks you through some stretching, meditation and yoga moves, and then once you’re completely chilled out, you take a walk through the gallery and you really see the exhibits in a totally different way. It’s $25 + tax, 2:30 – 4:30, but register asap.

Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery is having a catalogue launch from 7-10pm Saturday night. It’s a beautiful space – i highly recommend you check out the Glass Factor exhibit too!


The HAIR UNITED show – its a fundraiser for THEMUSEUM and is $25 in advance, or $30 at the door. 10 salons from around the region will strut their stuff and from what I’ve seen the hair is going to be amazing! Doors open at 6pm.

Opera Kitchener is presenting La Boheme! If you’ve never been to an opera, this would be a pretty cool one to check out, Calvary Memorial United. Details here.

And then it’s Monday and you can rest ;)


PS. San Francisco is AWESOME. You should visit.



Ferry Port Station Thingy

Nov 09

Holy shit. talk about dropping the ball on RQ, eh?

Sorry – it’s been a little bit CARAZY around here.  With what you ask??

Well… Highwaisted GOT MARRIED.

I was in NYC –

and I’m working on the RQ Food Drive & Maybe a NEW YEAR’s EVE PARTY?????

What do you think? Got plans yet?

Fill out the survey on the right friends… we gotta get this thing moving if its happenin.


Nov 01

We were at the Rally for Sanity in Washington! How JEALOUS are you???
It was awesome. Here’s some of the reasons why, in no particular order:


The Roots

Yusuf, aka Cat Stevens

250,000 or so people just became my buddies

Meeting amazingly friendly awesome strangers and drinking a lot of beer with them

Hilarious Rally Signage

The best Halloween Costumes I’ve ever seen

The city is beautiful, ever been?

Uhmmm, i was part of HISTORY!!!!! Ok, maybe not history, but it was a pretty big deal.

Here’s some pictures:

Capital Building…

Huge Crowd … with the stage way up there.

One of the many AWESOME signs:

Washington Monument… and the Reflecting Pool (sans Forrest and Jenny)


The White House….

I am the worst navigator in history, i got us lost at least 45 times on the way there and back (sorry G and P… deal with it!)

So much fun though – very very glad we went and showed our support for reasonability in the world.



pps. Booked it home in time to see this little guy for Halloween!

Oct 25

It’s 1:33pm on Monday and I think I JUST recovered from Saturday Night.

Many many thanks to Rachel for hosting an amazing party and for @highwaisted for promising to tie the knot next weekend.

Here is the only photo I have that is SFW.



Oct 13


Mildly unwell; not in one’s usual health or state of mind.


Out of sorts“Since at least the 17th century ‘sorts’ has been the name of the letters used by typographers. This usage is referred to inNotes on a Century of Typography at the University Press Oxford 1693–1794 and is nicely defined in Joseph Moxon’sMechanick Exercises, or the Doctrine of Handy-works – Printing, 1683:

“The Letters… in every Box of the Case are… called Sorts in Printers and Founders Language; Thus a is a Sort, b is a Sort.”

For sets of type blocks to be ‘out of sorts’ would clearly be unwelcome to a typesetter. That terminology could be the source of the phrase and the notion is certainly a tempting one. We need to be cautious with that attribution however as the above citation is pre-dated by one from The proverbs, epigrams, and miscellanies of John Heywood, 1562, which makes no explicit mention of typesetting:

Fit (adj): disordered, out of sorts

That unusual definition of ‘fit’ is, oddly, almost the opposite of our current usage of the word as an adjective.

It may well turn out that pre-1562 citations that refer to typesetting will be found; after all, Gutenberg invented moveable type printing in around 1440. Until then, I’m sure that many people will opt to believe that ‘out of sorts’ derives from typesetting. All I can do is present you with the evidence as I find it and let you come to your own conclusions.”

Thank you.


May 31

After a pretty insane weekend, and 2 very weird but restful weeks – I’m back under the fluorescents today.

Just wanted to share some thanks to some wicked people:

  • Emily & Brocko for dropping off some lovely flowers the morning of my surgery – very nice distraction from the anxiety attack that was about to ensue.
  • My work crew for sending over flowers – so nice.
  • Jody and Conrad at the Bauer Kitchen for sending over 2 pizzas in a cab, when I had to miss Cinq a Sept. lol. Amazing!
  • P’s Nana who sent over a very cute get well plant.
  • Emily & Chris and Kathy & Glenn for dropping off the EDIBLE ARRANGEMENT. OMG. best. pick-me-up EVER.
  • Everyone who sent over BBMs, texts, emails and hellos over the past 2 weeks. You guys are the sweetest, thanks for thinking about me.

So yeah, you guys are amazing. So very very very lucky to have you in my life ;)

Monday Morning Goo- Meter is now full. Have a lovely day and I’ll get back to posting normally this week!


Mar 12

So… i hear these are going to be moving over to the Ignite Waterloo site (i’ll update these links when that happens) but in the meantime, if you’re interested… here’s my Ignite Talk. Prepare to be annoyed. hahahaa.

My favourite moment is at 2:50.

Hilary Abel – Ignite Waterloo

You can find all the videos from Ignite Waterloo HERE.