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Mar 12

Here’s some more pics of Amy Krouse-Rosenthal’s Public heART project from TED Active!

I hope that you’ll submit a Lost or Found Item – then I’ll send them to Amy and she can include it in the Public heART book! whoo hoo! These pics don’t do it justice – but I didn’t have the super camera with me :)

To submit a Lost or Found item to the project, post a comment or send me a note to hilary (At) rqmagazine (dot) com!

Awesome sauce!


Mar 08

This altered my life… Please watch … we need to bring this to Waterloo Region.

I’m on it.

JR\’s TED PRIZE WISH – Global Art Project \”Inside Out\”

More TED Active updates after I get through my inbox :)

Mar 02

So, I’m in Palm Springs.

It is beyond beautiful here. And TED – is – well – difficult to describe.

If you’ve been to TEDxWaterloo – it is kind of like that… except like, on speed and crack and steroids and acai berry and wheatgrass and a whole lot of super zen like yoga. It is all of that… in 1.

I’ll specify that I am not here attending TED Active, although i wish i was – i’m here for work and feel very lucky to have been chosen to work the Hub we’ve got going on here in the exibitors space.

It’s been 1 day and i’ve already met a ton of incredible people. INCLUDING RICKI LAKE!

So sad to be missing TEDx tomorrow though – it’s tragic that I can’t clone myself – I’ll be looking for you fine folks to keep the #TEDxWATERLOO hashtag busy.

Here’s a pic of what i’m looking at right now to make you EVEN more jealous of me:

California is the best. I’m totally meant to live here.


Jan 05

OK. By now, I should not need to tell you how awesome TEDxWaterloo is.

So CLICK HERE to apply to attend the March 3, 2011 event at Centre in the Square.

… And before you get in a huff, TED requires attendees to apply to any TED related event AND if you fill out the form, you’ll most likely be accepted. It’s there to make sure you’re committed to the event and not just trying to score tickets to an event you’re not even going to show up to. Ok? Ok.

Here’s the speaker list so far – it’s going to be an incredible day.


(My recap of last year’s TEDxWaterloo Event)

Mar 22

For those of you that adore Marty Avery as much as I do  -

Here’s a great video of her being interviewed by Natalie of She Takes on the World at the TEDxWaterloo event in February.

Marty Avery (interviewed by Natalie MacNeil)


Feb 25

It's about to start!
We're second row centre and I'm sitting behind Ray LaFlamme! Amazing!!!

Hanging out with Natalie from
And the cute geckos!

The woman behind me just said 'everyone in this town has a bachelors degree… Well, anyone worth knowing'.

Please leave now. Hahaahahaha.


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Blogging on the go from TED at The Gig Theatre all day!

At the moment I've got my fingers crossed while I wait to get a sweet interview with one of the speakers.

Check back soon :)

PS. You can follow my twitter if you're interested in quicker updates over the day… @angrycelery
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Feb 16

I guess I’m massively behind the ball on this one, but did you know that Sarah Silverman spoke at TED and Chris Anderson kind of lost his mind about her content?

Which was… completely average Sarah Silverman content.
Here’s the article about it.
And Anderson’s blog post response to the whole fiasco.
God i love her.